Motivation | Astrid Petersson

"When I got lighter, the pressure on my chest got heavier."

Astrid developed a depression, started to self-harm and eventually suffered an eating disorder. She's in recovery for a year now and encourages everyone who are experiencing the same to find motivation to help recover. Watch the full video to find out what motivates her to continue her journey. :)

Instagram: @astridelisabetp

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Recovering from an Eating Disorder | Annalena Sommer

Our second story in our #shareyourstory campaign features Annalena who beat anorexia. Follow her recovery journey on Instagram: @annaxsommer

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Recovering Anorexia | Amalie Lee

Introducing our #SHAREYOURSTORY campaign.

Our first story features Amalie Lee who has suffered from an eating disorder called anorexia. She has now fully recovered and shares her journey through her Instagram.

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Stay healthy loves! ♡

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